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Questions from a Seeker

July 22nd, 2004 · No Comments · metaphysics

Question: So do you believe that there is a true divine being, or do you believe that belief in the divine is simply a carrot on a stick to help man strive for something better in life?

Answer: Divinity does exist, and it exists within each of us and in everything around us. Recognizing that divinity and learning its strengths and weaknesses is all part of building a spiritual life. However, I don’t believe you can just take someone’s word for it concerning the nature and will of the divine within yourself. You must discover it yourself. Also, the point of interacting with divinity is not simply to improve one’s moral standing or future outlook. The point is to transcend your ego and see the world from a more universal perspective.

Vital it is for you to realize that the standard debating positions in most modern religious discussions — two of which you describe most succinctly — are comfortably couched in a Christian context. Unfortunately, Christianity does not encompass the whole of religion, the varieties of faith and practice, or the enormous potential of personal spirituality. Trying to describe divinity through the hobbled of Christianity is like trying to copy a Rembrant with a couple of crayons. Far better a thing it is for you to understand the greater nature of divinity than to care how your beliefs might be interpreted by others.

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