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Hammer out the Love

February 23rd, 2005 · No Comments · metaphysics, ritual

1. I have a hammer. It is not an unique or expensive tool, yet I use my hammer proudly.

2. I am skilled with my hammer. I strive to practice with my hammer daily. It is only through practice that I can provide my greatest skill.

3. I know the truth of the hammer. With vigilence, I determine the place and the time for the hammer. Only at the correct time and place will the hammer impart its truth.

4. I am not my hammer. Its power is not my power, nor is my ego glorified through its action. I will wield my hammer with intent and its actions reflect my will.

5. My hammer has no place beside emotional distress. Only when my life has order and I am calm will I decide to lift my hammer.

6. I will use my hammer only for those sincere in their desire for resolution. Others choose another path: I cannot lift their hammers for them.

7. I have a hammer.