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Illumination Spotlight: Psychic Arts

November 23rd, 2005 · No Comments · Illuminations, metaphysics, ritual

Human mental and sensory facilities are rarely developed to their natural limits of complexity and depth. People today normally use only a small percentage of their total mental capacity: often only in a simple, blunt way; all but isolated from their own perceptions. While we may flatter ourselves that we are the apex of human evolution, the fact is that our technology has removed the stress of survival. No longer must we fight or think to survive. Some suspect that the apex of human mental agility may have actually occurred during the golden ages of the ancient Greek, Persian or Roman civilizations.

Religion, philosophy and spirituality as practiced in these ancient cultures define the totality of human religious experience. We trace the dominant Western faiths of today directly to the teachings and practices of these early cultures – back to a time when human consciousness was developed to a point that it could easily understand and maneuver through these spiritual dimensions. In our modern, technical world, we use scientific language to describe the world around us, but where our science fails us, we have no way of understanding the entirety of our reality. For example, science has no understanding regarding spirit, treating it as if it didn’t exist, and thus we, as a culture, have no language with which to speak of it.

For each of us, “reality” is the product of the subconscious mind leveraging the same mechanisms it uses to create dreams or imagine an unseen event. The subconscious “imagines” a reality based on our expectations and the few perceptions it presumes to be relevant, and presents this as “reality” to our conscious mind. The sensory systems of the body, however, continuously transmit countless impressions directly to the unconscious mind. By expanding our awareness, we open the shutters slightly and allow more sensory perceptions into our subconscious, and thus create a more accurate vision of reality.

While there does exist an objective, external reality, we never perceive this directly through raw sensory feedback, but only through the highly filtered and entirely insulated lens of our subjective “reality”. Ancient cultures took advantage of this by incorporating awareness expansion techniques to their spiritual in order to present elements of objective reality that were otherwise ignored or misunderstood.

Thus reality can not only be better understood, but even controlled, using the same religious and spiritual techniques harnessed by the ancients. The two primary techniques of mental focus and expanded awareness can be easily taught, and simple exercises exist to further develop and hone both skills. These skills are not only the keystones to personal spiritual development, but are also quite important in the practice of Psychic Arts.

The Illumination Spotlight series on Psychic Arts is a four-part workshop that focuses on developing these two skills and demonstrating how these skills can be used to gain otherwise inaccessible information and knowledge. Students will meet for 90 minutes to discuss and practice each week, for four weeks. Each session will consist of some lecture, some discussion, and some hands-on experience. At the end of the series, each student should be able to demonstrate their innate psychic ability on demand.

For many people, the idea of something as simple as telepathy is a brave new world, beyond which they have no clear understanding of what their expectations should be. Whole new moral issues emerge centered on questions of privacy and obligation. Worse, some are overwhelmed by a new understanding of the world that so shocks them that serious mental illness can result. These, and other related items, are discussed on the first evening as part of the general theory of Psychic Arts.

Learning to understand how to communicate the “new” sensations being received is the emphasis for the second class. Techniques are presented for correlating unfamiliar images, sounds, or sensations to pre-existing ideas. Learning to communicate directly with the body, including the subconscious mind, is also presented as a means to reorganize one’s own internal priorities.

Recognition of the subtle human energies will be established on the third evening through a series of exercises designed to teach the students to both feel and manipulate their own Chi. This subtle energy is derived from the spark of life and it flows naturally within and around us. Mastering the flow and the flavor of Chi will enable the ability to see without eyes or hear without ears, as Chi can be where eyes and ears cannot.

Whenever we touch an object we leave behind an interference pattern of our Chi. Whenever we meet a person, we capture the interference pattern of their Chi as part of our memory of that person. When focusing on the particular Chi pattern of an individual, a resonance can be developed that reveals the thoughts and actions of that individual. Further interactions with Chi and resonance will be discussed and explored over the fourth meeting.

Registration begins in December.

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