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Om [Aha!]

April 16th, 2006 · No Comments · metaphysics, ritual

i. Magic is the art of transforming imagination into reality. [Hail Hekate!]

ii. The axis of manifestation begins with imagination and it ends with reality. Simple rules dictate how objects, relationships, and events are manipulated across this axis into reality from the imagination. Most of these rules are institutionalized, in one form or another, into the actual working processes of Very Large Corporations and small businesses alike, so they’re not really even secret. [Hail Hermes!]

iii. No Latin needed, so no Hocus Pocus. No sacrificial blood, so the chickens are safe. Safe! The greatest arts of true magic dictate the most efficient and practical process needed to traverse in order to arrive at the desired end. [Hail Poseidon!]

iv. At it’s root, the process is identical: in its fullness, each transformation is unique. [Hail Eris!]

v. The ability to transform fantasy into reality does not guarantee that the imagined item or event actually interacts with reality in a way expected or intended. This is often a quick, if painful, lesson in why some imagined things don’t exist in reality. [Hail Gaia!]

vi. There are many ways to judge and analyze an idea before it is made manifest, and often it is possible to adjust various aspects of the idea in order to improve the chances of success after manifestation. It’s easier to change an idea than it is to change reality. [Hail Helios!]

vii. Changing one’s own attitudes can feel like moving mountains, but is frequently the best way to gain a new perspective, to understand how to move a transformation forward. [Hail Kronos!]

viii. The first school of magic is the kitchen hearth. The act of baking bread contains all the mysteries, and all the secrets of all the mysteries. [Hail Hestia!]

Thrice-great Hekate: I call you, Torch bearer! Holder of the Keys!
I stand at the trivia in the crossing of roads seeking your guidance and love.
Hear me, Mother!

Call your dogs to guard us as we practice your art.
Show us the truth of the world,
and open to us the doorways of knowledge.

Make easy for us the ways of understanding,
and grant us the strength, patience, and discipline
to bring forward all possible effort toward our desired ends.


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