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Dog, Star: I’m serious

March 24th, 2008 · No Comments · culture, media

In Japan, a praying Chihuahua is bringing in lots of visitors to his master’s Zen temple.

Yoshikuni said Conan generally goes through his prayer routine at the temple in the capital of Japan’s southern Okinawa prefecture (state) without prompting before his morning and evening meals.
“I think he saw me doing it all the time and got the idea to do it, too,” Yoshikuni said.

A distant star exploded 7.5 billion years ago, and the light from that explosion reached Earth last Wednesday. Although the star was 40 times larger than our own Sun, and it likely vaporized any nearby planets in its demise, if anyone on Earth had been looking at the Big Dipper Wednesday morning, they would have noticed an extra small star for about an hour.Any chance we can blame the Republicans for this?