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June 4th, 2008 · No Comments · metaphysics, ritual

I have been dwelling further on Venus, the planet specifically, in its passage from Morning Star to Evening Star. I sense a deep pattern here, and placing myself within it may be the best way to quickly understand it.

On Sunday, June 8th, Venus-Solar conjunction will occur. There are three significant points to make about this transition:

  1. It is a Venus-inferior conjunction, meaning that the Sun will be between the Earth and Venus
  2. This is the longer period of Hiding that Venus goes through, on her way to becoming a Morning star
  3. The conjunction occurs in the sign of Gemini

Venus is our inconstant partner in the sky. While she is visible much of the year, she will alternate between ushering in the day and heralding the night. Between these periods are times of ‘Hiding’, when Venus is too close to the Sun to be seen. In the ancient world, Venus was often viewed as a warrior, guardian or guide. Whenever she (or he) went into Hiding, the myth was that Venus would disappear into the underworld. The shorter period of Hiding preceding the Evening star is the tour of the underworld from which Venus returns triumphant, while the longer periods were viewed as the renewal of Venus through death and incarnation.

The Venus-inferior conjunction is the time of greatest mystery, when Venus is hidden behind the mighty Sun. It is the rebirth of Venus, the transformation of old and sick into young and hale. If one takes utilizes the mythos of the Morning star as the warrior hero and the Evening star as the guardian king, the transformative conjunction of Venus takes on additional significance as both the death of the king and birth of the hero.

These periods of hiding, and the locations of her return, are exceedingly predictable. As the natal point of the hero, the zodiacal sign is relevant in that it points to the character of the hero through this next cycle. The hero is a Gemini, meaning that she will be battling ideas and protecting lines of communication as a youth, and guarding tradition and favored communication as the king.

The ruling Mercury will be in attendance to tutor the young hero, while Jupiter prepares the gate of death in Capricorn for the future king. The Dragon’s tail lay upon the spot Venus last entered the underworld, with its tail braced by Mars and Luna, while the Dragon’s horns are escorted by Neptune and Chiron.

All of this is even more important when glancing at the date of crowning for this hero to discover that all but two planets will be within a 60º arc to witness Venus crowned in Aries! Surely a good omen for any monarch!

It is my anticipation that by invoking Venus on Sunday, meditating upon the passion play of the inferior conjunction, and celebrating the birth of the new hero that I may be in tune and in favor of a warrior-hero fighting for better communication. It is my intention to meditate regularly during the warrior’s light to improve my own writing-fu.

The Morning star will return July 15th and will usher in the day until March 21st, 2009.

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