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A New Start

September 1st, 2014 · No Comments · administration

Originally, this site was created as a location for the religion-oriented essays I had been writing on Live Journal. Having a themed site made it easier for me to stick to the topic, and it helped coalesce the various ideas together into a book. After completion of the book, my use of this site dropped off dramatically.

I have many excuses for why this is so. I was busy with work. Money was tight, so we didn’t replace failed workstations for several years. I’ve been more busy with other projects. Most importantly, I stopped making the time to meditate and write.

This site has not been entirely moribund, as it has captured my reviews of several books I’ve read and some discussions on cultural topics, but nothing has happened with enough frequency to warrant a following. (For example: this post is the first new item published since early 2013.) There have been some administrative headaches, as well: lost account passwords and a gradual increase in spam comments to irritating levels.

Today, I decided that I would revive “Pokey Finger” and give it a new mission. Account passwords were reset, and I’ve updated the WP code and all the mods. Spam should be, once again, an occasional nuisance. I even made a backup for good measure. If I keep to my goal of writing every day, I’ll probably update the theme and do some other site rearranging for good measure, in a few weeks.

The new mission is simple: write. In addition to the usual topics, I would like to focus more on:

  • Integrating Atwill’s Flavian hypothesis into my own understanding of the development of Christianity
  • Further developing the concept of the “Fellowship”, which is my attempt to construct a pagan-based community culture
  • Meditations on recognizing divinity around us
  • Essays deconstructing the mechanics of religion, , and divinity
  • Presenting activities, rituals, and social interactions for pagans

Finally, I have been thinking about my Illuminations series with some nostalgia, so look for some articles discussing prior Illuminations classes, and perhaps the presentation of a new series of Illuminations classes.