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Scraping off the dust

April 10th, 2018 · No Comments · announcements

I began writing blog posts in the mid 90’s, starting with my first post on Live Journal about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Before that, I would occasionally type up a “rant” on my PC, to be hidden away forever in media I simply cannot read anymore. But starting with my “LJ” years, I have been able to retain, and better reread, my writings. After a while, there was a clear pattern.

I like to write about , and I like to write about religion. Much of the politics stuff is consumed by issues of the moment, and very little of that writing really grabs my attention today. The stuff I wrote about religion, however, was really good writing, and about topics I still care a lot about. When Live Journal was sold to the Russians and all my friends abandoned it, I made two backups — one that had everything, and another that was just my religion topics. This second backup became the base core of material for this website, the Pokey Finger of God, which was designed from the start to be a repository for my religion-oriented writings.

For several years, this was a platform I was able to regularly update and I started to receive several suggestions that I should make a book from the material. The idea sparked a great fire in my belly, and in the heat, I read nothing but history for about a year: Roman emperors and empire, religion in the republic, religion before and after Christianity. Previously, I had explored back to the era of Heretic Wars, this time, I came to it from the other direction.

When I was done, I had written my first book, “Janus in Nicea” which described my theory that Christianity was created by Constantine. But subsequently, I had fallen out of the habit of regularly updating this site. After the book was done, I really didn’t want to write anything else for a while. Or read anything about Christianity.

A few posts have made it to this blog since then, and the site survived a recent purge of projects, but mostly, it has gone stale.

I have not come to bury this site, but to raise it up. My understanding of the development of Christianity has changed, and the opportunity to tie in a video project has made reactivation of this site an obvious step in a larger project that may or may not culminate in another book. So you’ve been warned.