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The New Touchstone

April 10th, 2018 · Comments Off on The New Touchstone · culture, Illuminations

Let’s start with some definitions. “Religion” is a set of tools and practices that bring about specific reactions in people — primarily useful in enhancing memory, reducing anxiety, and providing a context for existence. “Christian” can reference a cultural fundament, or a type of religion or organization, or a niche of media expression, or an […]

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Illumination Spotlight: Psychic Arts

November 23rd, 2005 · Comments Off on Illumination Spotlight: Psychic Arts · Illuminations, metaphysics, ritual

Human mental and sensory facilities are rarely developed to their natural limits of complexity and depth. People today normally use only a small percentage of their total mental capacity: often only in a simple, blunt way; all but isolated from their own perceptions. While we may flatter ourselves that we are the apex of human […]

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Worship the Place Where You Live

October 11th, 2005 · Comments Off on Worship the Place Where You Live · Illuminations, ritual

I © Austin I moved to Austin nearly twenty years ago because I had fallen in love with the city. I loved the river, the trees, the humidity, and the way the place is with dense with life without being too thick with people. Many residents I have met feel this way: I certainly understand […]

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Meditation Class

August 19th, 2005 · Comments Off on Meditation Class · Illuminations, metaphysics

Meditation is a natural state of mind that we unconsciously achieve many times each day. The practice of meditation consists of the exercise of deliberately inducing this state of mind in order to gain the benefits of a mind at rest. Cultures and religions around the world revere meditation as the keystone of spiritual practice. […]

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Concept of Religion

July 27th, 2003 · Comments Off on Concept of Religion · Illuminations, metaphysics, ritual

These ideas eventually led me to the understanding that religion is an internal process utilized to deal with events and activities outside of one’s own control. Said another way, religion is a set of entirely subjective ideas and experiences with little to no objective reality with which to relate it. Whether you get it from your grandmother, or a book, the McChurch in your neighborhood or the Buddhist temple, only the pieces that you internalize actually become a part of your religion.

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